Opting In 1: Diversity

Diversity & Development for Teachers

Everyone remembers a good teacher but who can forget a bad one.

Young people spend more time in a classroom with their teachers than with their immediate family. Teachers are an enormous influence, a potential force for extraordinary good. A good teacher can empower, enlighten, and encourage their young charges to use their talents and skills to their full potential. But equally a teacher can also disillusion, discourage and destroy confidence and dreams.

Teacher expectation has been identified as one of the main contributors to the underachievement of young people at school.

This course is aimed at existing teachers and those new to teaching in the UK. It is devised for them to understand and celebrate the difference, and diversity of their students. Teachers will be encouraged to explore new approaches to teaching diverse groups. We envisage that teachers will re appraise their understanding of diversity and examine their expectations of their pupils, in particular BME males.

This course spread over six half days will explore aspects of diversity within schools. It will look at all areas of diversity covering age, sexual orientation, gender, race and disability. It will explore the issues surrounding diversity in the workplace, different approaches to teaching diverse students, the legislation that exists and the benefits that a diverse workforce can bring to groups and communities.

By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Recognize the value and benefits diversity brings to their organization
  • Recognize how negative expectations impact on diverse communities
  • Understand the difference between diversity and equal opportunities.
  • Achieve a clear understanding of diversity and the different forms it can take
  • Understand the key legislation and the impact on their school

All courses will be conducted in a classroom situation, utilize audio visual, expert presentations and classroom handouts. The project will utilize suitable technology, building on the delegates own knowledge base and established educational Intranets. Head teachers will be involved in the setting up of a data base and notice board for the exchange of information, news and views.


Courses run across six half days over a six week period or one intensive weekend and are available throughout the year, arranged to suit clients’ needs.