Opting In 2: Mentoring

Opting In

A mentoring/training programme aimed at marginalized urban youth.

The Programme

A 12 week training programme delivered during school hours aimed at minority ethnic boys aged 11-18 years of age.

The course will deliver practical training in communication skills, life skills, financial planning, citizenship, rights and responsibilities, procedures/processes and privileges, training for life, choices and (taking) chances,

  • Communication: negotiating skills. Body language. Verbal/non-verbal communication. Appropriate language. Presenting an argument. Assertiveness training. (2 sessions)
  • Life skills: staying Safe (transport/internet/at home/school/activities/relationships). This will include basic training in self defence and sexual health. (2 sessions)
  • Money: how to get it, spend it, save it, make more. (2 sessions)
  • Citizenship: know your rights?.accept your responsibilities.
  • The Ups ?the downs: what to do, where to go, who to turn to when it all goes horribly wrong.
  • Making BIG decisions: what?s on offer/ careers guidance /CV workshops/ interview techniques/setting up a business.
  • Making a difference: as an individual, as a group. At school, in the community. (2 sessions)
  • Helping Hand: a Mentoring scheme. Using peer mentors.

The course will begin with an evening consultation with the young people and their parents/carers and at the end there will be a presentation event where certificates will be awarded to the young people in front of an invited audience. Students will help to establish a web site. The project will be written up and published in booklet form with training notes and useful contact numbers plus contributions from pupils, parents, teachers and tutors about the process.