Opting In 3: Parenting Skills


This course is designed to run in conjunction with the programme for students and teachers. It is structured as 12 two hour sessions taught in consecutive weeks during the evening with a crèche and refreshments provided.

In a confidential, supportive atmosphere parents will be able to explore aspects of their relationship with their children. Understanding their often challenging behavior, sharing in the problem solving with other parents and ?experts?. It will discuss cultural and spiritual aspects of parenting black children. How to enhance relationships with our children. How to master positive discipline. Look at rites of passage for teenagers and their parents and at community involvement in bringing up children.

Some of the themes will include.

  • Causes of Behavior
  • Giving Clear instructions
  • Consequences and behavior
  • Circle of interdependence
  • When/who and how to ask for help
  • True pride/false pride
  • Contribution factors to violence
  • Emotional rites of passage
  • Peer pressure. Social rites of passage
  • Managing anger and relaxation techniques
  • Solution building. Action plans
  • Family rule discussions
  • Managing conflict
  • Communicating with children, teachers, other parents
  • Working in partnership with your child?s teachers and school.