Personal Development

This course is designed to help you develop lasting heart and life skills. It is part of a continuous personal and professional development to empower you with the right skills, confidence and can do attitude. By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Present a positive professional profile
  • Communicate with confidence, composure and credibility
  • Control conflicts and confrontations

The course will include skill training, demonstrations, guest speakers and practical workshops. There will be workshops on:

How to communicate like a pro

Presentation and communication skills, verbal, non verbal and written skills.

Conflict management

How to be diplomatic, persuasive.

Assertiveness skills

How to ask for what you want.

Taking leadership in your stride

Rights and responsibilities.

Controlling difficult people/situations

Dealing with racism/sexism/negativism.

Negotiating skills

The language of negotiation/criticising employees/controlling anger.

Diversity at Work

Understanding and celebrating difference.

Using the Media

How to approach, deal with and harness the power of the media for positive publicity.

Image wise

Talk the talk and walk the walk. Appropriate dress codes for work.

Cool confident and composed

How to make your emotions work for you.

Personal Growth

Which way next, continuous personal and professional development.