Using the Media

The media is a powerful marketing tool. Learning how to access it positively is essential. This is a course designed specifically to enable you and your staff to set and maintain your own agenda, enhance your media profile and promote positive publicity. We will help you develop the skills needed to use the local and national media effectively. We will help you communicate fluently, speak positively, challenge preconceptions, promote your business and events widely and positively. will include proactive skills of writing news releases and conducting radio and television interviews. The course will help you decide which media to target, how to grab their interest, keep control of the message, stay calm on camera and present positively.

The course will enable you to:

  • Be proactive with news stories
  • Design and write news releases
  • Develop radio and television interview skills
  • Handle sensitive stories
  • Practice individual and group discussion techniques
  • Communicate ideas clearly
  • Use verbal and non verbal communication confidently
  • Plan an effective media strategy